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Purchases & Refunds

It's up to you to select your preferred payment method. With PayPal you also can select CreditCard as your payment method. You do not need a personal PayPal account.
Because all our courses and products are based on intellectual capital, we offer the ability to preview the material. Nevertheless are we offering a refund under different conditions. Please request a refund to our support.
On the checkout page you have the ability to redeem your coupon.

Your Account

If you logged in to “My-Account” you find your purchases on the Top Menu under “Profile”.

How to register correctly ?

To register as a user is free and offers a lot of advantages as they are free courses, free plugins, updates and notifications.

As a reason of many hack attacks we implemented a two stage registry system.

  1. Register on our form with username of your choice and your valid email address. You also can use one of the possible methods of registering with your social account.
  2. If you registered with username and email, you will receive 2 (two) emails. One to set your password and the other for activating your account. If you registered using social media you will only receive one (1) email for activation.
  3. You can handle the emails in the order as you like BUT: You only wil be able to login after you activated your accout.

If you use social media you will be login with your social media account after activation. A separate password is not necessary in this case.

Click on the Profile Tab on top right. There you can make different changes as email, account, avatar etc. etc.
Nothing simple as that. In every email you reveive is a link to unsubscribe on the bottom. You also can change your email preferences within your profile.
There are two methods available. If you have forgotten your password use the link "Lost your Password" within the login form. A second method is to change it within your profile.
If you own a account you can take every available free course for free.If you have taken, the course belongs to you as shown within your profile. If the price changes, you keep the course even if you took it for free.

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